Located in the heart of the Tijuca Forest, the largest green area in urban perimeter of the world, in Sao Conrado, CASA OF CANOAS with its 12,000m² is the perfect example of the most exquisite colonial architecture.

When crossing its gates, the visitor feels transported to the old Rio de Janeiro, where the decisive presence of nature serves as the perfect setting for coexistence between people and the celebration of special dates.


Besides the magical spectacle of the exuberant nature, CASA DAS CANOAS, is part of the history of the neighborhood and the city. In the last century, its property belonged to a coffee plantation owned by Comendador Conrado Jacob Niemeyer. Owner of almost all the lands in the region, he built with his own resources the path connecting the Vidigal Beaches to Praia da Gávea.


This road, now known as Avenida Niemeyer, was donated to the city in October 1916 and is one of the most important lines connecting the south part of the city and São Conrado.

It was also the Commander who assumed the task of building the only church in the neighborhood, so at that time, he donated an image of São Conrado brought from Germany. The neighborhood was named after this image and until today this image can be admired inside of the church.  
The house is still a property of the Niemeyer family.


Casa das Canoas is a very traditional place and it is part of the living history of Rio de Janeiro.

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